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eManagerSite's marketing features easily allow anyone to promote their business and maximize audience reach with our built-in blog, search engine optimization tools, and email marketing plugin. 

Email Marketing:Send out email campaigns to customers, employees, and other business owners through our email marketing plugin. Use HTML to design beautiful emails that can then be sent to any number of customers, as many times a month as needed. Include pictures, files, videos, links, and more in every email.

SEO: Search engine optimization used to be difficult -- not any more! eManagerSite lays out the best ways to increase SEO by allowing users to change meta tags, edit keywords, and more. Because every eManagerSite website is based on simple and clean HTML and CSS, they will already bring in stronger results than a site built in Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

Blog: No need to sign up with an outside site to get a blog. Every eManagerSite account has a blog included for free, with access to all the blog management tools a business needs. Posting is as easy as typing on the screen, or copying and pasting from Microsoft Word! You can then add images, files, videos, and links of your choice. Schedule your blog to post now or later, and track its success with our built-in analytics. Categorize blogs by "tagging" them, and automatically allow visitors on your site to sort blogs by date, month, or topic.


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Unique Marketing Features:

  • Easily editable SEO (keywords, meta tags, & more)
  • Free blog with post scheduling, categorization, & file attachments
  • Integrated email feature: send mass mailings from your dashboard
  • Combined with our CRM tool, target specific audiences and categories
  • eManagerSite Analytics can track e-mail opens, blog views, SEO conversions
  • Free training available to take advantage of all our marketing features
  • Free Trial of our business website builder with no risk or commitment



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