What eManagerSite can do for Web Designers

Your job just got easier.

Build and design the way you always do, then simply zip and upload. Your clients can start editing right away.

eManagerSite CMS is the tool you – and your clients! – have been dreaming of. Host your client’s website, eCommerce store, email marketing campaigns and more in our integrated business management tool. And it’s not just about your client – reinvent your own business model by charging your clients what you want, and giving them the amount of control you want.

As a trusted web design partner, you’ll love that you can…

  • Upload your site fast – just zip your files up and you’re done!
  • Build & manage your way – eManagerSite has both a design and code editor, but you can use any tool you want to maintain your site.
  • Charge your clients what you want – just pay us a set fee
  • Get projects through us – We regularly send web design projects to all our partners
  • Get unlimited support – from our team, and from your fellow partners in the eManagerSite community


And your clients will love…

  • How easy it is to edit their site! If they can use Microsoft Word, they can use eManagerSite.
  • How easy it is to manage their business! With our integrated management tools, they will never need to use another website or program again.
  • How easy it is to get help! You don’t need to spend time training your clients – our online training videos and FAQs will be all they need.


eManagerSite CMS is the best decision your web design business could make.

All our packages include:

  • Free Training
  • Access To All Tools
  • Unlimited Amount of Sites
  • Special Discounts For All Partners
  • And So Much More!

Contact us today to learn more.

Become a partner today and reap the benefits of working with a community of people and a state-of-the-art website editing tool. Give your clients everything they need and more with eManagerSite CMS.

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